Who is "RBH Designer Concepts"?

RBH Designer Concepts .... WELCOME!!

I am a boutique design studio specialising in stationery & graphic design.

Hi, I’m Renae, the graphic designer and editor behind RBH Designer Concepts. I have been involved in the wedding/event industry for the past 12 years, having had another business doing wedding & event styling, called 'To the Bride & Groom'. With starting a family, life became a little to hectic with running around on weekends planning & designing multiple weddings/events in the one weekend. So this creative dream, became a reality instead and RBH Designer Concepts was created.

I am currently studying also my Bachelor of Communication Design through Billy Blue College.

I have a LOVE for colour & a flair for inspiration when it comes to putting together a story for that special event or day. Things that inspire me for graphics/stationery are: cakes, patterns, architecture, interiors & paintings.

I also love what I do and beyond happy that I am blending in my past experience with weddings with my new passion for design.
Putting together a story board or finding a unique item or photo is what drives me to my designer concept or that unqiue stationery piece.

This online business is here to help any client find that unique opening piece to that special occassion. I also love custom designing pieces, so please don't hesitate to ask for a quote.

I currently live in Melbourne, Australia with my gorgeous husband of 6 years and 2 beautiful sons 3 & 6 months.

Enjoy looking around & please follow me on my BLOG, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.

Renae xo
Love of Sushi

Love Bonsai's-took over all my dad's bonsai's when he passes away

Love Getting Inspirations from Interior Designers

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